The eHealth Hub regulatory and reimbursement network is open to all regulatory and reimbursement specialists in Europe, helping eHealth SMEs.

More information, contact Nicole Häusler ( or Björn Hackbarth (
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We have contacted you as we are currently establishing a European regulatory and reimbursement network. This network will be a database of specialists which allows digital health SMEs to find out where to receive paid for regulatory and / or reimbursement advice in each EU Member State. 

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We also provide legal services and would like to sign up to be a provider of this service too.

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As part of joining the regulatory and reimbursement network, all we ask is that you provide SMEs involved in our project with affordable, high quality, useful and accessible assistance. We may also ask you to feedback on your experience as a member of the regulatory and reimbursement network. Please check this box to confirm you have read this information.
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If you have any questions or thoughts on eHealth Hub or the regulatory network, please let us know as we would love to hear them.
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