The eHealth Hub legal network is open to all legal specialists in Europe, helping eHealth start-ups. Please register directly via this registration form.

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We have noted that you specialise or have experience in assisting start-ups in the eHealth sector and we would like to add your contact details to our database. Start-ups will be free to access this database, search for specialists in the EU and contact you directly, without our involvement and on your terms and conditions. The legal network will be a public database of legal specialists who:
1. Have experience advising start-ups and companies; or
2. Have experience in advising eHealth/digital health start-ups; or
3. Are aware of the legal challenges facing these clients.

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As part of joining the legal network, all we ask is that you provide SMEs involved in our project with affordable, high quality, useful and accessible legal assistance in line with your own firm's policy and pricing. We may also ask you to feedback on your experience as a member of the legal network. Please check this box to confirm.
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By submitting this form, you allow us to keep the information provided in our database, in order to send you information about the eHealth Hub project or connect you to start-ups. Please check this box to confirm.

The details you submit through our website or in any other manner will be included in a file held by TICBioMed, Tecnologías de la Información de la Región de Murcia. You can exercise your rights of access, amendment, erasure and objection by contacting
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